Reviewer @SGVIE19

Start Time

12:00 am

October 28, 2019

Finish Time

12:00 am

October 30, 2019



1000 participants from 52 countries partake in workshops and sessions sorted under seven different themes: Enterprise Agility; Environmental Safety; The Worst Idea That Actual Worked; Coaching; Radical Innovation; Technical Excellence; and The Leader in You. Industry leaders and enthusiasts meet to learn, interact, find inspiration and to network.


Proud to review European Global Scrum Gathering℠ THEME:

Radical Innovation

The stories and discussions are equally applicable to teams doing the work and individuals with the authority to create environments where experimentation can take place.

Who’s it for?

Since these sessions cover issues that arise between “continue” and “disruptive innovation,” people dealing with product visions (i.e. Product Owners and Innovation Leaders) will benefit from new insights. In addition, developers can get a better understanding about the processes of product innovation and gain understanding about how they impact their activities.

About Scrum

Scrum is a team-based agile framework for breaking down complex projects into smaller pieces, continuously delivering incremental value to customers on a more frequent basis while promoting higher productivity, employee engagement, and satisfaction. The agile mindset exhibits central values and behaviors of trust, flexibility, empowerment and collaboration.

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