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My range of workshops are tailored to the needs of the group involved. Each workshop provides practical experience of the subject, delivering hands-on guidance and support for individuals and teams of all sizes to maximize the potential of the tools they have available.

Using innovative agile games and simulations, your team will build the skills and understanding needed to contribute to high-performance, evolving and improving, self-organizing team structures.

Agile is the proven methodology that has transformed project management in the 21st century. One of today’s most sought-after skillsets, a thorough understanding of Agile is a foundation for excellence in project performance and efficiency. Our fundamental course provides attendees with a solid grounding in the theory of Agile and its practical implementations. Whether individuals or teams, we help build understanding and confidence to provide better products and increased customer satisfaction.
The Scrum framework allows groups to address complex problems in project development in a collaborative, productive manner. Beneficial to teams and organizations, it offers a scientific method of collaborative working that is proven to deliver exceptional results for teams of all sizes. Our fundamental course provides attendees with a solid grounding in the theory of the Scrum framework and its practical implementations. Whether individuals or teams, we help build the process understanding that allows innovation and organization in equal measure.
The number one software tool used by agile teams, Jira allows team members to plan, track and release software in an ordered, fully tracked approach. Our Jira fundamental training gives teams the foundation skills and knowledge to make full use of the potential of the tool in their projects, streamlining development, improving efficiency and increasing profitability.
This extensive training builds on the fundamentals to provide teams with the knowledge and practical skills needed to operate effectively in an Agile environment. Through technical training and practical activities, we work as a group to gain the skills and knowledge needed to successfully implement Agile ideas into team methodologies.
Our comprehensive Lean fundamentals training covers the core understanding of Lean principles, including Six Sigma compatibility and applying Lean in a practical, group environment. Through lean, teams will seek out and either eliminate or optimize waste to ensure projects deliver increased value and improved efficiency.
Kanban empowers efficient work management, balancing skill availability with demand for results to deliver a complete development cycle from concept to delivery. The course builds on established lean methodologies, helping teams to identify opportunities for the application of Kanban methods. Focusing on visualizing and managing flow effectively, limiting work in progress and developing roadmaps, we provide both practical and technical experience for successful Kanban application of Kanban methodology.
A visual tool that is built around Kanban, Trello offers an excellent platform for teams of all sizes to maintain an agile flexible and scalable approach to project management. Our training offers teams comprehensive theory and practical experience of Trello, giving them the skills and understanding necessary to maximize the potential of the tool along with its seamless integration into their management structures.
Combining Agile and Lean within project management is often viewed as the optimum solution. By utilizing both methodologies, teams minimize waste, eliminate unnecessary paperwork and bureaucracy while retaining adaptability and performance. Our coaching helps the team adapt to the new paradigm, utilizing both instructional and practical approaches to provide the skills, knowledge, and confidence in the strategy to deliver success in the pressured environment of any project.
This experiential program encourages participation, learning scrum by employing scrum in practical activities. Providing the skills that a group need to progress from basic scrum application through to an evolved, self-organizing scrum team. Ultimately, successful completion of this course leads to the award of Scrum Master certification from the Scrum Alliance.
Designed for those focused on the administration aspects of project management, the Product Owner program allows participants to understand the methodology for creating a product vision, bringing order to the project backlog and maintaining standards to ensure customer satisfaction as the project completes.
We live in challenging times, as competition increases rapidly, leadership needs to find new ways to achieve goals with less resources. Our innovation leadership training offers guidance and insight for leaders looking to find new approaches to existing and future challenges. Through practical activities and critical thinking, we give leaders the tools to see beyond current constraints to maximize resource potential and develop unique solutions for any challenge or threat.
One of the fastest growing approaches to design thinking being used today, design sprint provides a five-phase process combined with time constraints to reduce risk when bringing a new product to market. Our training solutions work through both the theory and practicality of employing design sprint processes within a project to deliver improved outcomes and greater innovation.
Whatever your training needs, we can offer a complete on-site service for convincing and practicality. Please get in touch through the form below to register your request, and we will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your needs.
Whatever your coaching needs, we are able to offer a complete on-site service for convince and practicality. Please get in touch through the form below to register your request and we will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your needs.

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